Brewery Archive Kuncho Brewery Archive
The exhibition contains the tools for brewery that had been used for 190 years up to 1955 are displayed on the 2nd floor of the liquor storage. You can also feel the long history through the ridgepole which is made out of pine tree and supports the whole building.
Pulley (Winch)
Pulley (Winch)  After the completion of brewing, the most of the tools are stored in 2nd floor of storage. In order to uplift the heavy objects to the 2nd floor, pulley became indispensable.
Liquor Bowl – Liquor Sack
Liquor Bowl – Liquor Sack Before the introduction of the automated technology to refine a rice wine, brewer put unrefined rice wine into this sack and pressed it manually. Through this process rice wine was refined and the residues remain inside the sack.
Racoon – Fox
Racoon – Fox Most of the tools that are stored in the archive are made of wood or bamboo. It is not hard to recognize the wisdom and effort of the predecessors from the properly designed form of the equipments for brewery.
The bowl that resembles Racoon is called “Racoon”, and the bowl that has a pointy end is called “Fox”
Wooden Bucket, and Wooden shoes
Wooden Bucket, and Wooden shoes These wooden shoes are indispensable when going inside the wooden bucket in order to take out steamed rice. It is the wisdom of the ancients to prevent their feet from being buried inside the steamed rice.